A sigh. 
A giggle. 
A knowing look of adoring eyes.

Meticulously captured, preserved like a fine Bordeaux — one you’ve saved for a celebratory picnic under sunny skies — and loved for as long as there are eyes around to twinkle at it.

An elegant form of visual artistry, laced with a hint of endless rolling hills and a whisper of lavender in the wind.

a moment.

This is what photography means to me.

to meet you! 

Let’s discover your moments, so that you’ll never have to let them go.


BIENVENUE, I’m Brittany! 

I believe that newborn and maternity photography is truly a fine art — far more than a simple click of the shutter or an image snapped quickly on a phone. 

I specialize in photography that captures life at its purest state: bursting with joy, cozy with comfort, and radiating with hope for a brilliant future.

I realize all this fine art talk might seem a bit weighty, but don’t let it fool you! While I take my profession, continuing education, and clients’ safety and satisfaction very seriously, the core of my photography comes from a joie de vivre, joy for life, and a thirst for adventure.

I’m forever grateful for the opportunity this profession has provided me: to put my clients’ minds and hearts at ease, to hone an art that I love, and to preserve the most important moments for years to come. 

BIENVENUE, I’m Brittany! 

I can't wait


Brittany can make you feel instantly comfortable which results in much more relaxed and personal pictures. Also, she takes the most beautiful photographs. You don't have to worry and wonder if your pics will turn out amazing. You already know that they will!


I love everything about Brittany! She's great with children, newborns, dogs and even stubborn husbands. She chooses fabulous locations and delivers the most beautiful shots that will be treasured for a lifetime!


She’s an artist. It’s almost like she captures exactly what I’m feeling in that moment, and it’s nothing short of magical.



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