5 Questions to ask your Newborn Photographer

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Many of y’all may not know that my photography journey started with photographing New York Fashion Week and weddings! To say that I’ve dabbled in every niche would be a bit of an understatement! So how does that bring us to questions to ask your newborn photographer?

While I enjoyed those types of photography, I’ve never felt more alive creatively than when documenting a beautiful baby just a few days fresh. After much protest, I finally caved to my husband’s suggestion of studio photography. I dove into learning everything I possibly could about this new avenue of my art.

Which is what lead me to discovering Newborn Photography!

While I’d had experience caring for babies and children (I was even a live-in nanny at one point) nothing opened my eyes more than learning about the specific skill set required for newborn photography! It doesn’t matter if you have your own babies, or if you’ve cared for babies for years (like I did). Without proper hands on instruction it’s flat out DANGEROUS to attempt newborn photography. That’s my disclaimer to anyone who has seen the sweet little curled up poses and thought “I bet I can do that!” The longer I work with these precious new babes and learn about the industry, the more I realized just how imperative it is for newborn photographers to receive special training! I thought a blog post would help all my mamas! I’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of questions for you to ask your newborn photographer!

So, what should you as a parent look for in a newborn photographer?

Naturally, you need to love the images that come from your photographer! Do you live for all things modern farmhouse and your home decor is all about neutrals? You might not want a photographer who is sharing images that are a riot of color. Stick with a photographer who creates images you’d want on your walls or in an album. I know you’ll love your photos no matter what because it’s your sweet baby! However, if you want timeless, classic images or if you want bright, bold images–the key is to find a photographer who fits your style!

The next but equally important thing to look for is, do you like them as a person? Are they friendly? Personable? Do they put you at ease? If you aren’t comfortable with them, your baby will pick up on that so it’s important to find someone who you click with! (I love to meet my clients in person before their session! So if you’d like to grab a coffee and chat, let me know!)

So you’ve found a photographer who creates images that make your heart swoon! They make you feel at ease. Now it’s time to ask them some questions and make sure your baby is in safe and capable hands! Questions-to-ask-your-newborn-photography-brittany-brooke-photography

5 Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer:

1. What is your education/experience? AND Have you had hands on training?

I think it’s vital to have both hands on training AS WELL AS continuing education. Learning safe posing practices and things to watch out for, to ensure the safety of the baby is paramount and really does require one on one hands on training. There are simply some things that cannot be taught from video alone. Even if you have a baby, the posing that is done with newborn photography is a skill set that you must learn.

I was lucky enough to work with a prominent newborn photographer. While acting as her assistant, I learned hands on how to safely pose newborns. But I didn’t let that be the last stop for my learning! I continue to learn via new educational videos each month and am constantly researching and finding new resources. I’m also thrilled to be attending another hands on photography workshop in May!

2. Do you have a dedicated Newborn Studio?

Most newborn photographers work out of their home, which I completely love and support! However, this question is important. If a photographer doesn’t have a dedicated space for their studio, it could be a cause for concern. The last thing you want is to walk into a children’s playroom that has a bit of photography equipment in it! We all know younger kiddos are dealing with a Petri dish of germs. If that studio space doubles as their playroom it can put your baby at risk.

I’m thrilled to have a dedicated studio space that is solely used for photography. Knowing everything has its place helps keep me sane and organized!

3. What is your policy for stillbirth/miscarriage?

This is the most uncomfortable thing to think about but I think it is important to know before moving forward with your photographer. Unfortunately, 10-15% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. This is nothing to be ashamed of and if you are going through this, my heart and prayers are with you. The last thing you should be worried about is haggling with your photographer trying to get your money back.

For my clients I offer a full refund in the case of miscarriage or stillbirth. If they express a wish to have their stillborn baby photographed, I will do that free of charge. While I always pray to never receive these emails because I do not wish my clients to have to endure such a tragedy, I do my best to make sure that money is the last thing they have to worry about during such a difficult and trying time.

4. Do you sanitize your studio/props/wraps/backdrops between clients?

The importance of a clean and sanitized space CANNOT be over-emphasized. Your newborn doesn’t have a robust immune system yet and the LAST thing you want to worry about it whether or not that adorable outfit has been properly cleaned.

I spend a vast majority of my time between sessions doing laundry. All of my newborn outfits and wraps are handmade. Thus, they require hand washing–so I like to imagine myself in pioneer times scrubbing away! It takes a lot of time to clean and sanitize my studio and I do it happily because these sweet little babes deserve the absolute best! I use non-toxic cleaning agents that do not have fragrance so as to avoid causing any irritation to their sensitive skin. Any item that comes into contact with your baby has been carefully sanitized so you can rest assured knowing each item is absolutely safe for them! This is also why I only photograph one newborn session a day! I make sure I have ample time between sessions to properly clean and sanitize my studio space, ensuring the health and safety of my little clients.

5. Can I see a full gallery from a Newborn Session?

This should be an easy yes! There is a difference between a portfolio and a full gallery from the same session. Think of a portfolio as where you’d showcase your best of the best images, a highlight reel of work that makes you proud–you’ll find these on any photographer’s website. A full gallery is what a client would expect to receive from the photographer. The images will be of the same family and baby–which allows you as a client to see if the photographer is able to best document the moment.

Any professional photographer is going to have a sample gallery from sessions so don’t be afraid to ask to see it! (I’ve even got mine on my blog!–> Click here to see a sample Maternity GalleryClick here to see a sample Newborn GalleryClick here to see a sample Cake Smash Gallery)

Your Newborn Photographer

Finding a professional you trust and feel comfortable with is no small task. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime moment! I so honored that my clients allow me the privilege to preserve this special moment for them! Creating images with these tiny little clients is my absolute passion in life. I truly hope these questions to ask your newborn photographer helps you find someone who is just as passionate. Someone dedicated to your child’s safety and wellbeing! Feel like I’m the photographer you’ve been looking for? I’d love to work with you and create beautiful images that preserve this special moment in your life!

CLICK HERE and let’s get started!

brittany x

April 11, 2019


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