Noting the smiles of my grandparents, reveling in the rich colors and textures of the changing fashions. Learning the faces of those long gone, and even seeing a reflection of my own sparkling eyes in my parents’ young faces.

This interest in moments — in preserving joy at its most vibrant — has molded my life, my love, and my career. 

Moments that were gone, and yet somehow still very much alive. 

when I was young. 

it all began 

I’m lucky to live a life brimming with joyful moments of my own, and this profession reiterates the importance of appreciating them as they happen.

Whether it’s...

a little about Moi

a sip of Earl Grey from a handmade mug on a sunny morning,

a stroll through a bustling, fragrant farmer’s market with Ryan (the love of my life)

or a peaceful evening on the couch with our beloved pup, Boo,

...I am fully aware of the beauty of the world around me. 

Provence, France,

With roots in Texas, we’ve spread our branches from Europe to South Korea- and are excited to travel as far as those branches will take us. 

My favorite stop along the way?

bien sur!

I’m                             that you’re here, and
                      to be part of your most



meaningful moments