bonjour y'all 

 I found my true passion in photographing families as they grew from two to three (or four and more!) 

I love documenting the amazing bond that a mother has with her baby before they've "officially" met.

Seeing you light up as your hand caresses your belly, feeling every flutter and kick.

Watching your husband's eyes fill with pride as he wraps a supportive arm around you and lightly kisses your temple. 

These moments never fail to take my breath away.

I'm Brittany!

more about moi

A habitual tea drinker, you can find me greeting the day holding a handmade mug and sipping my favorite Earl Grey.

When I'm not preserving beautiful moments for my families, I'm spending time with my two favorite guys; my husband, Ryan and our beloved pup, Boo.  

I'm an introvert (and so is my husband) so we love spending our time cuddling on the couch or cooking in the kitchen. As much as we are homebodies, we do love to travel! My favorite place? Provence, France bien sur! 

I love to collect handmade pottery, french antiques, and olive wood spoons. I'm obsessed with textures and that obsession easily translates to my work. I'm drawn to neutrals and soft blues; when I photograph little ones my goal is to always have them stand out from the image. 

A few of my favorite things (besides preserving your most special moments) are:
-Handcrafted Pottery
-All things French, bien sur! 
-Essential Oils
-Holistic/Organic Skincare
-Antique Shopping
-Road Trips
-Exploring Farmer's Markets

so much to share

my why

As a child, one of my favorite pastimes was flipping through family albums. I loved seeing how my parents and grandparents grew up and fashions changed.   

I think photos are our own personal story books.
They tell us how we grew, how we changed, and how we felt in that moment. Perfectly preserved, not just for us, but for those who come after us. 

Whether it's an image of the two of you celebrating an anniversary, the first time you meet your newborn baby, or documenting your growing family, each moment deserves to be documented.

And I'd be honored to do that for you. 

ready to preserve your precious moments?

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