Choosing the Right Newborn Photographer For You!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about mamas, it’s that they do their research. They spend hours reading all the pregnancy books and learning about baby development and breastfeeding routines. They download the baby growth apps and spend weeks eagerly envisioning their baby’s size as different fruits and vegetables.  And they absolutely love setting up their baby registry (usually at Target and Amazon!)

When it comes to your baby, you always want the best of the best. So why would newborn photography be any different?

Choosing the Right Newborn Photographer For You

We may live in a digital age, but be honest, do you want your images to sit unseen in a cloud or a USB drive hidden in the junk drawer? The answer is no! You didn’t invest in photography for the portraits to never be seen! Creating spaces in your home for your tangible memories is just one of the many ways that I love to serve my clients. I’m proud to be one of the few photographers in the world who offers The Original Photo Blocks! Photo Blocks are your images printed on a hand-carved wooden block, sealed with a beautiful protective coating. The visible brushstrokes give it an almost painterly quality! 

This particular Photo Block has a hand carved wooden frame, which is just gorgeous and perfect for any home! My main goal with each session is to help you figure out the best artwork to display in your home or to preserve in an album. Most families have to have an heirloom album filled with portraits from their maternity and newborn sessions. It’s such a beautiful way to preserve the story of your pregnancy journey and your baby’s debut to the earth! My albums are completely handcrafted using the finest archival materials to ensure a long life. You can choose a beautiful leather or linen cover and even customize it with your baby’s name embossed on the front!

Heirloom albums

Remember, when it comes to photography, a digital image is only as good as the paper it’s printed on.

The Importance of the Experience

Let me tell you a little story about our first car buying experience. We all know the stereotypical sleazy car salesman and that’s what I was expecting. What I wasn’t expecting was the most phenomenal customer service experience of my life. We’d visited several different dealerships over 3 days. We’d endured the high pressure sales tactics and I wasn’t falling for a single one. So when this soft spoken Irishman walked up and introduced himself, I was skeptical to say the least. Ben proceeded to ask what kind of vehicle we were looking for and showed us several different models and shared his experience with each one.

The time came to talk numbers and I was ready for the “nice guy” act to drop. Turns out, it wasn’t an act at all! Ben listened to our concerns and our must-haves. We ended up upgrading to a premium package because it best aligned with our “Must Haves” for our car. He never had to leave the room to “speak to a manager.” The price was clearly spelled out and itemized, no guesswork required.

We had such a positive experience we’ve already decided to purchase our next vehicle from Ben!

We’ve all had positive and negative sales experiences. We’ve felt the pressure to buy something we didn’t really want. But, just like Ben, I don’t believe in high pressure sales tactics. In fact my only goal is for you to end up with heirloom products that your family will treasure for lifetimes! I’ve created an experience that allows YOU to make the final decisions about what works for your family! Like Ben, I’m here to listen to your needs and help you walk away from your session excited with the artwork that will document your most special memories!

Why Education Matters

When it comes to choosing the right newborn photographer for you be sure to ask about any education or training background. Specifically, ask if the photographer has attended a hands on workshop or any in person mentoring.
This industry is constantly growing and as such there is an increase in the amount of online education available. While I’m a huge fan of online courses, nothing compares to hands on training. In order to actually learn the proper posing and placement, hands on experience is absolutely required. This isn’t just for the photographer’s sake, this is crucial for the safety of the newborn!

I’ve invested in one-on-one mentorship as well as attended a hands on workshop. While I love internet learning as a refresher, and utilize it as a way to stay up to date with industry trends, it is never a suitable substitute for in person, hands on training. Education is a sizable investment for photographers. For example, mentoring and workshops cost upwards of a thousand dollars. But a true professional newborn photographer realizes the importance of this training and understands that it is their job to provide this level of service for each and every client! The investments I’ve made in my own business have been absolutely worth every penny because I believe my clients deserve the best of the best!

You should feel comfortable asking your newborn photographer about their experience and training. And they should be eager to share it with you!

Amazing Customer Service

I believe in treating my clients like my family. And y’all, I LOVE my family! When it comes to newborn photography there are many options for many budgets. My clients are ones who value a luxury experience and a personal connection. They don’t want just anyone documenting this once in a lifetime moment. They want to invest with a professional offering a full service, luxury experience! I believe in top notch customer service and I know that the personalized experience I provide to my clients completely sets me apart. In fact, it’s not uncommon for clients to turn into friends!

Booking with me entails a full service session with all props, outfits and wraps provided. You don’t have to bring anything but your family! Before your session, you’ll receive an email with an awesome prep guide that helps you ensure we get the best images possible! I give recommendations on what to do before your session as well as what to wear and what to stick in your diaper bag! Usually my studio is mama’s first outing after birth. Which is why I have a very comfortable sofa available for you to relax on during your session. That sofa has had many a parent pass out on it, so I know it’s plenty cozy! Plus I always keep a nursing pillow handy to help with feedings.

As you relax I’ll do what I was born to do, photograph your precious baby!

There is so much that goes into choosing the right newborn photographer for you but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience! By focusing on what you value and the safety of your newborn, you’ll be able to narrow down the perfect photographer for your family!
If you’ve decided I’m the right newborn photographer for you then head over to the Contact page and let’s chat!


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September 3, 2019


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