Heirloom Albums

While you will receive a digital version of each image you purchase, I feel quite strongly about offering my clients a tangible way to display their most valuable images. 

By offering the option to purchase top-tier heirloom albums, I can provide you with memories that last forever — not to mention serve as unforgettable gifts!

I’m proud to offer a truly artisanal product that will stand the test of time. These heirloom albums are printed on archival-quality paper and handcrafted in the United States of America. 

Each 10x10 album is bound in a traditional flush mount style so that pages lay flat with a delicate crease in the center. 

Completely customizable, your album will truly be one-of-a-kind.
Share your special memories with loved ones by adding on a duplicate mini album.

This timeless art piece is sure to become a stunning conversation starter and beloved family heirloom.


Your life is perfect in its uniqueness, and deserves a setting to match! These breathtaking “photo blocks” are lovingly and carefully built in the Netherlands, and are exclusive to only a select number of photographers across the globe. 

hand carved

barn Wood  Framed Photo Blocks

Using reclaimed barn wood to create custom frames, these quickly become a stunning showpiece in your home!

Photo Blocks are more durable than traditional canvas or glass framed prints, allowing your treasured portraits to last through any move! 

Folio Box

Filled with an assortment of your favorite images from your session, folio boxes provide a beautiful way to safely store your images, preserving them for the next generation. 

Covered in your choice of Linen or Suede, each folio box is designed to hold between 15 & 30 matted prints.

Offered as a part of top tier Collections, folio boxes allow you to have the most flexibility with your portraits. You can easily create your own gallery wall with your favorite frames! 



Rose gold & glass

Every portrait purchase includes a digital copy that you are welcome to reprint up to 8x10

Collections include a custom USB

and perfect!

Please, don’t hesitate to ask about these timeless options for any of your photography sessions

past, present, and future!