The Maternity Experience

I believe motherhood is nothing short of miraculous. You are creating this beautiful new person in your womb, a living embodiment of your love. Can you think of anything more magical? Cause I sure can't! 
That 9 months goes by so fast (though I'm told the last few months go by at a snail's pace) and soon you'll have that perfect baby nestled in your arms. 
Maternity portraits allow you to remember when they were still nestled in your womb. 

Hey Beautiful Mama!

The Experience

Your maternity session is your moment to shine. To embrace your new feminine curves. A celebration of your pregnancy glow! 

This moment is yours to delight in the wonder of the new life you're creating. 

But these images aren't just for you. They are for your loving husband whose breath you take away with your beauty. They are for your baby, who will look back and think "Wow, my mom is so gorgeous." 

This moment deserves to be celebrated and you deserve to feel like the goddess you are! I am proud to offer you a selection of gorgeous maternity gowns to choose from for your session. Designed to highlight and enhance your beauty, the BBP Studio Gowns are just one of the little extras
I offer to enhance your experience. 

I'm lucky to be a maternity, newborn, and portrait photographer capturing the sweetest of love stories. 

I'm married to the most romantic man on the planet and together we are parents to our sweet pup, Boo. 

When we aren't cuddling on the couch watching Netflix, we're off on adventures, exploring the world! 

Meet Your Maternity Photographer

I'm Brittany

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"I love everything about Brittany! She's great with children, newborns and dogs and even stubborn husbands. She chooses fabulous locations and delivers the most beautiful shots that will be treasured for a lifetime!"

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"She’s an artist. It’s almost like she captures exactly what I’m feeling in that moment, and it’s nothing short of magical."

Kind Words


"Brittany can make you feel instantly comfortable which results in much more relaxed and personal pictures. Also, she takes the most beautiful photographs. You don't have to worry and wonder if your pics will turn out amazing. You already know that they will!"

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Documenting your newest addition isn't just for yourself.
You belIEve in giving them tangible reminders of how beloved they were before they even left your womb. 

One of your greatest joys in life is watching your children grow up and documenting that never ending love story. 

You can't stop caressing your pregnant belly and grabbing your husband's hand to feel every kick and flip. 

"Motherhood" is a badge of honor you wear wtih pride. second only to "wife."

You love to hear a good birth story almost as much as you love to tell your own! 

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