There is simply nothing like the impossibly soft skin of a newborn babe, fresh to this earth.

These glorious bundles are only exactly like this for so long — even a month can go by to reveal a completely-changed little person. Newborn photography exists in order to preserve those blissful moments for years to come — so that you can smile at them later, as life sweeps you from one moment to the next and think...

As your perfect little one grows too big to fit in your arms, a newborn session promises that you’ll never have to let those sweet moments go. 

I remember

My newborn sessions display the same elegant, joy-seeking style that I strive to maintain in my work — by using scrumptiously soft wraps, handmade props, hand-sewn outfits, and specially designed headbands / hats / bonnets to subtly highlight your little one. 

A newborn session with me is always natural and organic, ensuring that your baby is the pride and joy of each image — a mirror of the starring role they’ll play in your family’s future. 



The phone consult

I don't believe that newborn photography is one size fits all. BBP Mamas are unique and I work very hard to find them. You know you're a BBP Mama when your main concern is finding a full service photographer. Your priority is creating something tangible to take away from your session.  Our first step in making sure we're a good fit is a quick chat on the phone! 



Cultivate Connection

After our phone consult our next step is coming into the studio to meet in person and go over your goals for your session!
We will go over all the pricing details and I'll show you the heirloom products I offer. 
Because I provide the absolute best customer service to my BBP mamas, I only accept a limited number of newborn sessions each month. 
You'll pay your session fee and officially be on the books!



You'll receive two emails from me before your newborn arrives.

The first email will contain a prep guide that teaches you exactly what to do before your newborn session to ensure a happy, sleepy babe

The second email will contain the questionnaire to be completed after your little one arrives.




The Newborn SEssion 

Your newborn session day has arrived and you're welcomed back to my studio!

You get to relax and rest while I work with your little one to document all their perfect features. There will be milk and diaper breaks, but you'll just unwind on the couch and perhaps even catch up on some lost sleep! 


The Ordering Appointment

In a few days, you'll make your way back to the studio to go over the soft proofed images from our session and select your favorites. 

Now is the time to create your heirloom album or a gallery wall displaying your images, or select your matted prints.

We will work together to create a tangible piece of art for your home and for the next generations.




HEirlooms Arrival

Your products have arrived! Whether it's Original Photo Blocks or an heirloom album, now is the fun part where we get to place these items in your hands! 
It's like Christmas!

the Heirloom Products I offer here

learn about



Thank you for giving us the absolute most amazing photography experience we could have possibly asked for with Hayden. You made it a total dream and I am extremely glad we will have these memories for the rest of our lives. I was watching an episode of Modern Family yesterday and they were all going around talking about “What would you grab if your house was on fire and you could only get out with one thing?” And Dillon and I both unanimously agreed “Hayden’s photo album

Laura H.

As a family with melanin, there's been times when professional photographers haven't always known the correct way to capture us in photos. I had feared that might be an issue. But it wasn't! She allowed us to choose which poses we felt comfortable with, suggesting ones that showcased our family wonderfully. And again, she was soooo patient allowing our daughter the time to get comfortable with her and the surroundings and to set up beautiful shots. Lastly, her professionalism and previous experience ensured beautiful shots depicting the various hues in our family seamlessly.

Devri P.

Not only does Brittany have amazing photography skills, but the way she handled Gioia with such tenderness and patience was meaningful and special. She made it easy to allow her to work with our newborn. Her authenticity shines through and transfers to her work. It's unmatched. Thank you so much!

Katy A.

She will bring out the best in yourself, your little one and your family. A must hire!

Maria P. 

We had a rough night before our session, so I was afraid that Clayton would be too upset during his newborn photos.
It did not come true, thankfully!
We walked into the studio and he was immediately calm and ready for his debut!
When we had some fussiness towards the end of our session, she didn’t give up. I cannot wait for Clayton’s next session!!! I am so happy I met you, Brittany!!!

Mary B.