The Beauty in Remembering

My husband had to say goodbye to his beloved grandmother last week. It was hard but also beautiful. We know she’s at peace now and watching down on us from Heaven and there is so much comfort in knowing she’s no longer in any pain.

I thought about just how much her life has shaped mine. Her marriage of almost 70 years created a family that I eventually married into. My husband is a perfect mix of his father and mother-and their marriage has shaped our marriage. It’s amazing when you think of just how big an impact one relationship can have on the next generations. I, for one, am so grateful to my in-laws and to the legacy that those families have created.

Death brings out a universal longing for connection. We had many deep heart-to-heart talks as a family and individually, moments and memories that I will always treasure. And I like to think that grandma Betty would be just tickled pink knowing the time spent away from her bedside lead to deepening family ties.

We spent our time together looking through old photographs of grandma and sharing stories. It was so poignant to me, in the midst of the joy and tears how big a role photographs played in those moments.

These are our measures of our lives. These are tangible proof of our life and love. It drove home just how important photographs truly are and how much I adore my career.

In some ways, that is the beauty of death-reminding us about the fragility of life and that none of our days should be taken for granted.

2 Corinthians 5:8
We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.

brittany x

March 11, 2020


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