When the world shut down

It’s been about 2 months since a pandemic swept through the land and I’ve been reflecting on the changes it has wrought throughout our lives. I wanted to share a little bit of my heart today and some things that I’ve learned during this time in isolation.

Things that DIDN’T surprise me about isolation:

1. I. Love. It.
I’m an introvert by nature and have very close friendships with a select few. It’s been hard not seeing those people, but we’ve kept in touch in a myriad of ways. Being “locked” away with my husband and pup has been so nice…I’m reluctant to let it go. I’ve reaffirmed that my life is better when I’m more intentional with my time. Saying no to things that don’t serve me and drain my energy allow me to pour myself into what matters and what I love.

2. I miss work.
One of my favorite photographers, Jamie Beck , created a gorgeous series of still life images during the 60 day quarantine. I wish I’d felt that same sense of creativity during this time. While I love the idea of still life photography (and I still want to try and create my own) this time has just reaffirmed that I love to document people.

Sweet little babies are my total delight and it’s been killing me to not be able to preserve these moments for mamas right now. I am ready to get back to it…like yesterday. I’ve slowly felt my creativity coming back, but not in the ways I’d imagined…

3. I’m ready to travel.
I’m getting stir crazy, only because of being in Europe and not being able to SEE Europe. (I fully admit that if we were stateside, I’d be content to be holed up in my home for decades.)
Road trips with my husband are my favorite vacations. We spend hours in the car laughing and chatting, listening to music or podcasts, it’s just uninterrupted quality time and it fills my soul right up! I’m anxious to get back to it and revisit some of our favorite places before we move to our next location. Air travel I’m sure will be much different going forward, which is anxiety inducing for me pre-COVID, so I’m not excited about that. But road trips? Sign. Me. Up.

Things that DID surprise me about isolation:

1. Knitting.
I’m not a crafts person (I actually detest crafting…) so this development was surprising to myself and everyone who knows me. Something about the challenge of learning a new skill appealed to me. I also love the idea of creating my own clothing. (Big fan of a cozy knit) I’ve finished a cowl (which was arduous and taxing) and am in the process of a sweater (which is also arduous but not taxing.)

Everything I’d read regarding knitting said to start small. So I did the scarf/cowl and that taught me that in order to find joy in creating I have to be invested in the final product. I wasn’t excited about the cowl. I’m proud that I completed it, but the process was not my favorite experience. The sweater, however, is going along MUCH better. Because I’m excited for the sweater and I can’t wait to wear it…even if it will be done just in time for summer.

2. Routine. 
I’ve created and stuck to a routine for over 2 weeks. It’s very simple but it’s helped me dramatically and I feel more prepared in a sense. Routine is something I’ve avoided or stopped/started for years. Even though I thrive with a solid routine…I’m always hesitant to implement one. Eventually the time spent self reflecting led me to the acknowledgement that I DO need one and I’ve been showing up for myself ever since!

3. Donations. 
I’ve spent my time sorting through everything I own. Really focusing on paring down to what is actually needed and wanted, vs what’s just taking up space. We’ve donated SO much. (And I’ve also thought “wow how lucky am I that I’ve had all this and didn’t need it?! What a blessing to be able to afford something and then part with it to help someone else.”)  I’ve also been donating money to different causes, or GoFundMe’s that I’ve seen pop up. As a small business it doesn’t exactly make sense to be donating money when I don’t have any income to count on, but God has placed that on my heart so I’m listening.

What have you learned/discovered during this time of isolation? How are you doing? Share below, cause I’d love to connect…digitally 🙂

brittany x

May 14, 2020

  1. Nancy Whitaker says:

    I loved hearing how you’ve approached this time of global isolation. I’m a “senior” and our kids live far away, so our lives have not been greatly impacted because our routine is only slightly altered. We had to cancel a fun riverboat ride in the northwest, but that’s okay. I have read a lot more than usual. We can still work in the yard and enjoy Spring. I’m thankful for the internet, for financial security, for the companionship of my husband. for my faith that determines all I think and do, for Zoom and WhatsApp that keeps me connected to the grandkids. I look at everything through a spiritual lens, so the best commentary I’ve heard about this event is that it seems God has pressed the pause button on everything that consumes our attention, time, money and loyalty in order to see where our hearts are committed. In that way, this is a merciful thing. God bless you!

    • Brittany Brooke says:

      I love this perspective Nancy! I think this time has truly allowed people to stop and reevaluate what’s most important in life. Wishing you health and happiness! God bless!


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